About the Work

My pots are made from a red or white terracotta clay, which is formed on the wheel and then altered, carved and sculpted by hand. Some pieces are slab built. After a bisque firing, pots are glazed on the outside with a lead free glaze and lined on the inside with a food safe, non-toxic glaze, then given a final firing to 1950.

My inspiration comes from the nature I find outside in my garden, and in the woods surrounding my summer home in Goose Pond (NH). Color, rhythm and texture are qualities I have learned to prize after many years of training and work as a classical musician.

I produce "one-of-a-kind" pots, spending considerable time on each piece, and I either use glazes which I make and carefully test, or commercial glazes.

I believe there is a special place for humor and whimsy in the world, and I hope my pots can bring pleasure and a smile to their users.

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